Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Newspaper Recipes


So!!! Here I am again with another blog about recipes. There actually was just no need of putting up an another blog but then I came across these words "Look Within" and that made me thinking. Internet is flooded with lots and lots of recipes and beautiful bloggers out there constantly come up with beautiful recipes. It is, was and Insha Allah will always be of much help to me. I was not a pro ( nor am I now) but I can say my knowledge with regards to cooking has developed to some extent. At the least I can say that I can cook a decent meal now. All thanks to my blogger friends.

But what before the internet explosion??? I had to rely on good old newspapers, magazines and people's tips and advices (which I rarely understood). Books have being my friends since ages. I would never feel alone when in the company of books. Always excited to touch and feel them. Just a crazy person I was. Yes, over the years i've mellowed down but i still get excited when I turn the page of the newspaper and find a recipe smiling back at me. 

I have a lot of recipe cutouts from magazines and mostly from newspapers... Back then I didn't knew cooking nor was I interested in it, so I would cut those recipes from the newspaper thinking that when someday I would learn to cook, i'll try out all these recipes. I did learn to cook and tried some of the recipes from those cutouts too but by then I was bitten by the internet bug, surfing for recipes, tricks and techniques. 

Its only recently that the above words made me realize that I have a whole lot of recipe wealth to share with everyone, and if I didn't post them up here now.. all my efforts of cutting them and saving over the years will go waste. Hence I wanted to dedicate a separate blog to my newspaper recipes and hence this blogs comes up..

This blog is also a big thank you to Times of India, Mumbai Mirror and Navi Mumbai Times and all those readers who have contributed those recipes. My only regret will be that I may not have all the names of those people. Most of these recipes are from these newspapers only.