Monday, April 18, 2016

Orange Sondesh



1ltr cow milk
1 lime
100 gms sugar
100 gms cashewnut powder
1 fresh orange
Orange essence
Paper cups
Silver Foil


Boil milk. Dilute lime juice in a little water. 
Slowly pour this into boiling milk and curdle it. 
Once green coloured water appears on the curdled milk, take it off the gas and strain in muslim cloth till you get the paneer. 
Spread paneer in a thali and gently knead it with hands. 
To this add powdered sugar, cashew nut powder orange essence. 
To shape the sondesh, take the kneaded paneer in a tablespoon and softly press it to form the typical elongated cylindrical balls. 
Before this, press a small fresh piece of an orange at the centre. 
For decorations you can fix a red cherry on the top of silver foil pressed gently on the sondesh. 
Put these pieces in the paper cups and store in fridge. Serve cold.

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