Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kheer Puda



1 ltr buffalo's milk
250 gms sugar
30 gms shredded blanched almonds
15 gms sultanas (kishmish), optional
Silver leaves, optional
1 tsp crushed green cardamom seeds
60 gms rice
3 to 4 drops kewra essence or 1 dessert spoonful ruh kewra.


Soak the rice in 120 ml water for half an hour. 
Boil the rice in the same water till it is cooked and the water dries up.  
Heat the milk, add rice and simmer on the slow fire for about one and a half hour. 
Scrape out the mixture sticking to the sides and the bottom of the pan and mash rice whilst stirring frequently. When it is of creamy consistency, add sugar and stir till this is dissolved. 
Cook so that the mixture becomes creamy again. 
Remove from the fire, add crushed green cardamom seeds, ruh kewra or essence and the shredded almonds. 
Serve hot or cold decorated with silver leaves.

Ingredients for puda

150 gms wheat flour
50 gms sugar
1 tbsp fennel seeds
ghee for frying


Make a batter of pouring consistency with the ingredients using water (3/4 cup). Keep aside. 
Heat a non stick pan or a griddle. Put a teaspoon of ghee. 
When hot, pour two serving spoonful of the batter on the griddle. Reduce the heat to medium. 
Cook the puda till golden brown on one side. 
Turn and cook, adding a little more ghee if required till this side is also golden brown. 
Continue making pudas, till all the batter is consumed.

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