Sunday, March 27, 2016

Minty Delight



A bottle of mint flakes 
Condensed milk - 1  tin
Deep one inch moulds
A chocolate brush


Keep your double boiled choco paste ready
Take around 7 to 8 tablespoons of condensed milk in a cup
Pick around 4 to 5 flakes of mint from the bottle and crussh it under a belan. Drop it into the condensed milk.

Now slowly dip you chocolate brush into the chocolate paste. Paint the inside of each mould until the paste forms a fairly thick external shell inside your mould. 
Allow to set in the refrigerator. Take it out when done. Now scoop a spoonful of the minty milkmaid and pour it into each shell inside each mould.
Refrigerate again. Patience please, wait another 25 minutes. Take the mould out. 
Fnally pour a covering of chocolate paste and seal the mint flavour.
Refregerate and set. A small caveat as far as mint goes. But the trick lies in a strong external lining. If the lining is too thin, the shell will crack.

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