Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kotthu Roti - Srilankan Cuisine


One of the most famous dishes, kotthu roti means chopped chapati in tamil. The kotthu roti is made on a heated flat iron grill and once done, it is choppedand mixed using two blunt metal blades. " The action has to be swift and this clashing of metal on metal creates a very distinctive soulnd which can be heard within most roadside restaurents in sri lanka, " says chef palihawadana Archilage Lalith.


100 gms carrots (julienned)
4 thin chappatis ( about 12 inches in diameter)
150 gms capsicum (julienned)
100 gms leeks (julienned)
20 gms green chillies ( chopped)
15 gms ginger (chopped)
15 gms garlic (chopped)
5 gm red chilli (crushed)
5 gm salt
5 gm black pepper
20 ml coconut oil


Cut the roti into juliennes. 
Saute ginger, garlic, carrots and capsicum. 
Cook well and add t he roti. 
Mix spices and serve. 

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