Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kolu Do Dol - Srilankan Cuisine


This dish was introduced to Sri lanka by migrating malays. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour. It's sticky, thick and sweet, much like the Goan bebinca. You'll need a lot of patience since it takes about eight to nine hours to cook dodol. It must constantly be stirred to prevent it from burning. When completely cooked, the dodol is firm and doesn't stick to your fingers.


2 litre coconut milk 
1 kg jaggery
0.5 kg brown sugar
100 gm chopped cashewnut
10 ml vanilla essence
2 gm chopped cardamom
300 gm rice flour
5 gm salt


Grate the jaggery and mix all the ingredients together. 
Keep on a flame for four hours. 
Keep stirring till it becomes hard and turns black. 
Pour the mixture into a mould. 
Set aside. 
Cut and serve after it is done.

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