Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple Jam - By Sarla Duseja



Apples - 1 kg
Cane sugar - 1/2 kg (3 teacups)
Water - 300 ml (2 teacups)
Cardamom - 8 Crushed, Or an inch long cinnamon
Saffron - 10 strands (heated and crushed)
A pinch of turmeric


Mix water and sugar in a heavy bottom pan, and heat on medium fire. Keep stirring until the sugar melts. 

Add cardamom/cinnamon and saffron. Let it boil until the concoction reaches a single thread consistency.

While this is being done, cut the apples vertically into six pieces each, peel and core. When the syrup is ready, add a pinch of turmeric and apples into it. and heat mixture on slow fire for four minutes. 

Turn off the gas and keep the vessel covered. The murrabba is ready. 

If you wish to prepare a jam spread, heat a few pieces of this murabba in a small vessel, placed on a hot griddle, on slow flame. Mash and mix for a few minutes.

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